Toby Tram Build. Toby Tram Build. 1:19 Scale Toby Tram Build. In December 2015 I started to build a 1:19 scale IP Engineering Shelly Tram Kit. I aim to build one like Toby the tram from Thomas the Tank Engine from the TV series from the 80s/90s, which I enjoyed as a child. 201153344 White metal parts of the tram. First job is to clean up the white metal parts in preparation for painting. 201153345 Lower body. The floor, side skirts and buffer ends have been constructed and sanded down. Its had two coats of Sanding sealer in preparation for painting. 201153346 Painting of side skirts and cow catchers. The side skirts, floor and cow catchers sprayed with primer. 201153347 Construction of Loco End Panels. The MDF laser cut Loco End Panels need to have strip wood glued to them using the plan. 201153348 Buffer Beam Painting. The buffer beam has now been given a coat of Humbrol Gloss Red. 201153349 The finised Side Skirts. The Side Skirts have been painted Light grey and weathered. 201153350 Toby's Bell. Looking at various pictures of Toby it can been seen that the bell and hoop are all gold. This is how I painted my one, some people paint the bell gold and the rest black. 201153351 Buffer detail. My Tram is a narrow gauge version to run on my garden railway hence the centre buffer. Here it has been given a coat of Gunmetal. 201153352 Painting of the Loco End Panels. 201153353 Essel Engineering Chassis. The tram is going to have this chassis by Essel Engineering fitted to it. 201153354 Faces. The kit came with two white metal faces, one grumpy and one happy. I have cleaned them up and given them a coat of primer. 201153355 Faces. A coat of Light Grey for the faces. 201153356 Loco End panel complete. One Loco End Panel now complete with its windows and lamp. 201153357 Detailing of the Faces. 201153358 Two Completed Loco End Panels. 201153359 Brake Handles. The two brake handles made and waiting for more paint. 202302982 Fully completed brake handles, also now spray painted black. 202302983 Adding Toby's face to the end panels. The kit came with two white metal faces, one grumpy and a happy face. I chose to fit the happy one. 202302984 New improved happy face. After I painted the face before I posted a photo on the Thomas and Friends Modelling in all gauges Facebook page and asked for some feedback. I have tweaked the paint work from some of the feedback received. I repainted his eyes, gave his cheeks and chin a more lighter colour and changed the look of his eyebrows. 202302985 Construction of the inner body. I have started work on the rest of the body, all the strip wood has been added to the inner end panels and side panels following the plan sheets. Painting has now begun and the next job is to make the windows. 202302986 Chassis now fitted to Toby. November 2016 I finally fitted a Essel Engineering chassis to my Toby tram. 203313681 A underside shot of Toby's new chassis. 203313682 Holes drilled for the roof fittings. Work now turns to drilling the holes for the roof fittings. I followed Richard's advice and photocopied the roof plan and used it as a template. I used a small drill bit to mark where to drill the correct sized holes and correct place for the roof fittings. Next job painting the roof. 203313683